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Coreo Design is a CAD-based creation environment. Users benefit from well-established tools and functions that offer the user convenient access to a wide variety of creativity resources, enabling easy generation of the most complex designs. Or, if creative efforts have already been started in another environment, Design can import them in a file.

Tools in this robust platform include scaling, sizing, fitting & alignment, and complete text tools; even 100+ engraver fonts. Graphic features include creating and editing shapes & objects, node editing for vectorized graphics, ability to import stroke widths (CMX, CMF, AI, and EPS), and a wide array of import/export filters.

Tools Include:

Graphic Tools Include:



Coreo Build converts object lines in your CAD drawings to directional paths that guide the plasma cutting tool. The result is a machine-ready CAM file, ready to be sent to the machine controller.

More specifically, Build enables users to work fast and efficiently, applying their industry expertise to their project at points throughout the user interface with standard terms and parameters. The contextual display is friendly and natural, providing a clean experience and never overloading the user with unneeded clutter.  Previewing, executing, and controlling projects is easy and intuitive. Likewise, so is quickly designing shapes and fully specifying materials, thanks to intelligent libraries. Any adjustments are designed to be easy and quickly implemented.

Advanced processing horsepower is standard, enabling the user to handle their more complex jobs. Coreo Build can produce higher quality cuts and holes than standard processes. Moreover, a user can manage multiple jobs, tools, and processes. And, thanks to Build’s quick and efficient nesting engine, speedy production and low material usages become the new norm.



Coreo Command is the module that runs the cutting machine tool. It opens design files from Coreo Build or other editors, or as imported from the controller on the machine tool itself. In doing so, Command provides support for:


Screen Shot of COREO Command


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