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iPlasmaCNC Cutting Stainless Steel

MultiCam’s High-Quality and Affordable iPlasmaCNC Series

iPlasmaCNC by MultiCam is a CNC plasma manufacturer based out of Dallas, Texas. Each iPlasmaCNC system is designed and built in the USA ensuring a high quality product which is dependable and built to last. You can find an iPlasmaCNC system in a wide variety of businesses ranging from small fabrication shops to large manufacturing facilities. Specializing in CNC plasma cutting systems, iPlasmaCNC by MultiCam is widely recognized due to its easy-to-use platform and superior cut quality.

Unique Features and Incredible Value You Won’t Find with Any Other CNC Plasma Cutting System

Strategic partnerships with companies like Hypertherm and ExtraTech help provide the end-user with the best possible product and features attainable in one CNC plasma cutting system. iPlasmaCNC’s software and controls are simple and ready to use. Each iPlasmaCNC comes with both a hand pendant and laptop PC to provide maximum control of your CNC plasma and the accessibility to make the changes you need on the fly. With 14 locations in the US alone, prompt service and reliable support is within reach before, during, and after your iPlasmaCNC investment. Browse the iPlasmaCNC systems product page to see what fits your application and budget.

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