Easy Point and Click Interface

Our plasma cutting machines use Coreo, which is a complete machine tool management solution that combines several applications to provide user-friendly methods for setting up, managing, updating, and troubleshooting the machine and job files. Coreo is a CAD/CAM platform that takes the user from the art design all the way to finished job execution.

Built-in Parametric Shape Library

Coreo comes with a built-in Shape Library. If you need to cut a simple parametric shape, there is no need to have a designer take time out of their day to draw it. Shape sizes can be defined directly in the software with multiple shapes added to the job at once.

Enhanced to Meet Your Goals

Once you purchase an iPlasmaCNC cutting machine and load Coreo onto your computer, you’ll find optional modules available at a low additional cost. Based on your application, one or more options can enhance Coreo's capabilities to meet your specific needs.

It's Easy to Cut Accurate and Quality Parts

iPlasmaCNC is the plasma cutting choice for value and performance to cut mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. This affordable cutting solution features Hypertherm PowerMax™ plasma cutting torch technology. Coreo software is also included and allows iPlasmaCNC operators to simplify the cutting process.

iPlasmaCNC Standard Features

  • Precision Rails & Gantry for Ultra Smooth Motion and Incredible Accuracy
  • Ships Complete, Wrapped, and Ready to Use
  • Dual-Side Drive High Speed Motors for Maximum Productivity
  • Automatic Torch Height Control with Ohmic Initial Height Sensing for Precision Piercing and Consistent Quality Cuts
  • Torch Collision Protection to Prevent Damage from Crashes
  • Downdraft Ready Design to Keep Your Shop Clean
  • Clean Cable Management with Integrated E-chains
  • Leveling Feet to Keep your System Square
  • Convenient and Compact Sizes Available to Fit in Your Shop
  • Integrated Control Cabinet for Robust Motion Control and Ethernet Connectivity

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